‘At Portsmouth, I’d park my battered Fiesta between Bentleys, BMWs, Range Rovers…’

1. What was your first car?

I WAS late coming into cars – I had my first one at the age of 22/23. It was just before I got married. In fact, it was part of the deal. I had to learn to drive and get a car before we got married. I had a little battered green ‘L’ reg Ford Fiesta – I was playing football at Portsmouth at the time. Everyone thought I was really polite because I always opened the passenger door – but it was because the driver’s door didn’t open.

I’d drive into the training ground and park between all these posh cars – Bentleys, BMWs, Mercedes and Range Rovers. I loved it and it got me from A to B. In those days, insurance for a professional footballer was ridiculous, more than what the car was worth. If I went anything above a 1.3 litre engine, the insurance would cost more than my mortgage.

2. What do you drive now?

Hyundai i20 Active. I’m really grateful to Barras Car Centre for supporting me. It’s great to have a good car and it’s great advertising for the GFA – especially with my day job, I’m here, there and everywhere, so it’s not like it’s stuck in a garage anywhere. It’s very visible.

3. Any car disasters?

My wife used to own Audis and we’d just sold one to a dealer in Beaconsfield.

I remember going to a garden centre after training one day and parking on a bit of a slope – I’d borrowed Laura’s car. I was in the centre when I heard the tannoy, asking if the owner of the Audi would please come to reception. I must’ve left the hand brake off and it had rolled very slowly down the hill and hit the back of a car. Laura’s car was completely squashed in the front corner. The dealer still bought it, but with money off to repair it.

4. Most interesting place you’ve ever driven?

I went to my brother’s wedding in Trondheim in Norway – that was interesting to see how everyone drives so quickly in the snow – it’s second nature to them.

But Anglesey (Ynys Mon) – where I went for the recent football tournament – was a bizarre place to drive. Beautiful countryside, beautiful scenery, then all of a sudden a tiny little village then nothing. The roads were great to drive on, though, and I’d love to take my pushbike there.

5. What is your dream car?

Probably an Audi RS5 – I quite like the new Q2 as well. But I’ve been super-impressed by the Hyundai i20 Active. There’s a battle at home as to who drives it. It’s perfect for Guernsey in my mind.