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Welcoming the NEW HYUNDAI IONIQ to the fantastic range

Electric cars should have the dynamic ride and handling characteristics that make driving a pleasure.  That’s the IONIQ philosophy.  You’ll soon be able to enjoy this core principle with a choice of three innovative drivetrain options.  It’s an industry first, and typical of our commitment to sustainable solutions that help you get more out of your driving experience.

First to be launched are the IONIQ Hybrid (In our showroom now !) and the IONIQ Electric to follow.  In 2017 the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid with complete the line-up.  Every IONIQ will share the same unique platform and sleek, modern design.

IONIQ Hybrid (In our showroom now !)

Driving thrill with lower emissions.  The high-efficiency petrol engine and 32kw electric motor work together to deliver the perfect balance of power and efficiency, with less fuel consumption and lower emissions.  The total system output is 141PS.  The electric motor delivers its torque immediately on start-up, and is powered by a compact 1.56 kwh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery that is recharged on the move, especially by the energy stored during braking.

This is available in SE Connect, Premium and Premium SE trim levels, see brochure for full specifications.

A brochure link is available at the bottom of the page to download with current price list.

IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid

Best of both worlds.  A powerful 8.9 kwh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery feeds the torque-rich 45 kw electric motor, which enables more than 31 miles of zero emission driving, ideal for your daily commute.  When working in tandem with the high-efficiency petrol engine it delivers a considerable performance boost with a driving range in line with that of a regular combustion engine car.  The battery regenerates energy on the move and can also be recharged via an external power supply.

IONIQ Electric

No emissions. No compromise.  The 88kw electric motor’s torque-rich performance by the super-efficient 28kwh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery.  It enables a driving range of up to 174 miles on a single charge*.  The battery is located low in the chassis, which also lowers the car’s centre of gravity – essential for rewarding and responsive driving.

The Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid are powered by a new 1.6 litre GDi petrol engine, coupled with an advanced electric motor that delivers impressive acceleration.  They are attached to a specially engineered 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT).  IONIQ Electric is powered exclusively by electric energy, achieving zero emission driving.  That’s the IONIQ formula for an unbeatable mix of performance and efficiency.

Another positive is the New Hyundai IONIQ has zero emissions charge in Guernsey.



Body Hatchback
Fuel type Hybrid
Drive FWD

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