Welcome to our new way of thinking. It’s bigger, smarter and driven by the desire to share stylish, high quality, efficient vehicles with everyone.
It means we challenge convention, in all kinds of ways – not for the sake of being different, but because in each case, it makes the Hyundai you drive that little bit better. Here are just a few examples of our new thinking in action.
Our own robots

The only way to make sure we’ve got complete trust in the robots that build our cars is to build the robots ourselves. Doing this satisfies our high standards, but also allows us to continually adapt them and improve their efficiency.

In-house metal experts

Buying steel from someone else means we couldn’t guarantee its quality, so we make our own. In our steel plant 400 metallurgists work to perfect the recipe for each part and panel.

Melting pot design

To create models with a European focus, we built a design and engineering centre in the heart of Europe, and filled it with a unique multicultural mix of talent, drawn from all over Europe.

Factory saves trees

New thinking affects everything we do. While building our factory in the Czech Republic for the award-winning i30, we found a way to remove more than 1,000 trees for safe-keeping, and put them back when it was finished.

Tyres that can’t be punctured

Hyundai engineers are working on new possibilities for the cars of the future, including puncture-proof honeycomb tyres, self-healing paint and wiperless glass.

Road testing

At the Nošovice factory in Europe, every New Generation i30 is driven by an inspector before it leaves. Not just one car in ten or one in a hundred, but every single one.

Green Move initiative

We’ve become environmental experts in learning to minimise our own impact, so now we use that knowledge working with communities around the world. In northern China, for example , we’re planting 50 km2 of specialist grass in the desert to combat dust storms, which have led to health problems for people living in regions of China and Korea.

Going to extremes

To ensure your Hyundai is comfortable whatever the weather, our tests include a chamber that can generate a searing 60˚ C, and one that makes 7cm of snow in an hour.

Ocean-going Hyundai

We go to the ends of the earth to make sure your Hyundai arrives in perfect condition, and on time. Rather than rely on anyone else, we build the ships that deliver our cars all round the world.

5 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty

From the production line to the showroom and beyond, the passion and belief we have in the quality of our products mean we can offer an aftercare package to match. In 2002 we were the first car manufacturer to introduce a 5 Year Warranty. Today, we are still the only car manufacturer to offer an unlimited mileage* guarantee for this period, as standard on all of our passenger cars. Not content with the best warranty in the industry, on the 1st July 2011, we made it better by including 5 Year Roadside Assistance and 5 Years of Annual Vehicle Health Checks, offering you unlimited miles of stress free motoring.