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HP (Hire Purchase) available from all local lenders

HP has an initial deposit (normally 10%), then an agreed monthly payment over an agreed term of 12 – 60 months dependent on the age of the vehicle, after all payments are made the vehicle become’s yours.  Interest rates are fixed so you’ll know the amount of each monthly payment until the car is yours. Subject to normal finance approval/checks and terms and conditions.


PCP (available from Blackhorse finance and Close finance)

PCP allows you to finance your new car in a revolutionary way.  You’ll pay a lower than usual deposit to secure your new car, followed by regular fixed repayments over an agreed term.  At the end of your pre-agreed term, you have the choice to REPLACE the car by trading it in for a new one, RETAIN the car by making one final payment equivalent to the GMFV* (refinancing is available), or RETURN the car by simply giving it back at no extra cost to you.**

* Guaranteed Minimum Future Value

** Subject to terms and conditions available upon request

Why choose PCP

  • You pay a monthly repayment that you can afford
  • You can change your car more frequently
  • You remain protected – the future value of your car is secured by our GMFV* guarantee so no worries with depreciation
  • Replacing your car more frequently means lower running costs and fewer repairs


  • Blackhorse finance
  • Cherry Godfrey
  • Close finance

For further information or a quotation please contact Paul.

Paul Guilmoto
Sales Director

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